Mission Statement

UAMS Medical Center provides patient-centered, cost-effective care through a health care system enriched by and committed to education and research.

Core Values

Achievement of this mission relies on our pledge to uphold three core values:
Achieving total satisfaction among the various ‘customers’ of our care network, the most important of whom are the patients and their families.
The UAMS Clinical Laboratories strive to create comfort, hope, and healing for our patients and their families.

Continually improving services

Valuing the contribution and needs of all employees in order to create a workplace that inspires constant innovation, excellence and teamwork.


Our goals are expressed through the following commitments made by our employees:

  • A commitment to excellence in patient care, in this institution and throughout the state, by providing accurate and precise analysis using modern methods and concepts with efficient sampling techniques and modern data handling procedures.
  • A commitment to training of clinical and laboratory personnel in the various aspects of Clinical Pathology and Laboratory Medicine.
  • A commitment to excellence in our delivery of medical laboratory services in order that the patient and the public receive the maximum benefit from their expenditure of health funds.
  • A commitment to performing these activities in an atmosphere of personal concern for each patient served, of mutual respect for our co-workers and of enthusiasm for learning, teaching, and scholarly investigation.